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San Jose Double Road RaceDouble Racing, Double for short, is a two stage running challenge. Participants first run the longer stage, take a halftime break and then run the second stage. Times are combined for scoring. Participants must complete both stages to get a result. It is running with a halftime.

"It is exciting that so many people have already completed a Double Racing event," says Double Racing® creator and Runner's World magazine founder Bob Anderson. Bob has run 44 Doubles to help understand and shape his new sport. In March 2015, Bob is starting a new magazine called Double Runner®.


Double Racing® is more than just running. The halftime break makes it unique. Runners normally don't stop, recover and then run again. Runners who have completed a Double have enjoyed this new challenge. Many have already run more than one.

Once established runners understand the Double, the number of participants will grow rapidly. Additionally, Double Racing® is already attracting new participants.

Double creator Bob Anderson and founder of Runner's World magazine stated recently,"Double Racing is much more than running two races in one day. Double Racing is an unique new sport. It is one race with two stages separated by a halftime.


The sport of Double Racing® governing body is the DRRF (Double Road Race Federation) . Bob Anderson is the DRRF chairman. All rules and regulations are set and approved by its board of directors. All statistics and records are verified and maintained by the DRRF. World record bonus money and leader board prize money of Double Championship races are paid and distributed by the DRRF.

Double Racing


There are six Double Racing® distances and the second leg starts precisely at different intervals. A participant must complete both legs to get a time. The official DRRF distances are:  The restart is when the second leg starts after the start of the first leg.   A Double Director can change the restart in advance by up to 30 minutes for all distances Double 5k and longe and up to 15 minutes for distances under 5k..  For Doubles over 15k, slower runners can have as much as a 30 minute head start.

Double 5k (3.1 miles) 3k+2k with a 1:20 restart
Double 8k (4.9 miles) 5k+3k with a 1:45 restart
Double 10k (6.2 miles) 6k+4k with a 1:45 restart.
Double 15k (9.3 miles) 10k+5k with a 1:45 restart
Double Road Race  (15K = 10K+5k) is our title event.
Half Marathon Double 13.1 Miles (10Mile + 5k) with a 2:30 restart
Marathon Double 26.2 Miles (20Mile + 10lk) with a 4:00 restart
Sprint Double 1.5 Mile (1 mile+half mile) with a 30 minute restart
Sprint Double 1200m (800m+400m) with a 30 minute restart


1. Double Road Race®

These are Doubles held on roads or paved bike paths on either out and back or loop courses. The halftime is situated near the finish line.

Selected Double Road Races® are part of a championship series. Currently the Double 15k has a championship series. The series offers more prize money, the DRRF offers world record bonus money and leader board prize money based on points earned for the series. It takes at least eight Doubles to make up a Double Championship series.

2. Double Adventure Run®

The second type of Double is the Double Adventure Run®. These Doubles can be held on different terrains and on more challenging courses. The courses do not need to be run on certified courses however the distance should be measured by a Garmin or similar device.

All Double Adventure Runs® will be two stage races with a halftime in between.

When Double Adventure Runs are run on courses that are not certified, the times will appear in DRRF rankings with an asterisk (unofficial) once the on-site DRRF accredited official signs off on the event.



Bob Anderson

"My name is Bob Anderson. I live in Los Altos, California, USA. I have been running for 54 years. In 2012 I ran 50 races, covered 350.8 miles and averaged 6:59 per mile. A movie A Long Run featuring me was released in August 2014 highlighting my 50-race challenge, starting Runner's World magazine and creating Double Racing®", says Bob Anderson.

"In 2012 I founded the Double Road Race Federation (DRRF), which I am the Chairman."

"In 1966, at the age of 17, while in high school, I started Runner 's World (RW) magazine with $100 and published it for 18 years building paid circulation to 435,000. Before selling Runner's World in 1984 revenues had soared to over $25 million."

"When I sold Runner's World to settle a costly divorce, I had to sign a no compete clause, keeping me out of the business of running for five years."

"I immediately shifted my focus professionally but I never stopped running. My love of photography lead me into building a successful swimwear company called Ujena. Our 32-year-old Ujena family owned business is run daily by my daughter Lisa, my son-in-law Justin and my wife Catherine. I am the CEO of Ujena, however most of my time these days is being spent on what I think is going to be my most successful venture ever - the new sport of Double Racing®."

"To help develop and understand Double Racing®, I have run 44 Doubles. I love the halftime between the two stages. Not only does it give you time to recover but it allows you time to bond with other runners."

"I have put together a strong DRRF Board of Directors to help me guide our new sport..


We are looking for companies that would like to reach this new market. Double Runner is the only magazine reaching the Double Racing market.

We are mostly looking for directors who have already produced successful running, track, bicycling, triathlon or other sporting event.

The director needs to believe in Double Racing® and want to help us turn it in a major sport.

Let me hear from you!

Bob Anderson
Double Road Race Federation
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