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Double Runner is the new magazine from Bob Anderson, founder of Runner's World, and will serve as the flagship publication for the sport of Double Racing®. The magazine will celebrate the unique challenge of "the only running event with a halftime" and will showcase the people, training, and ambiance of the sport.

Double Racing® represents a new experience in the world of running, and Double Runner will be there to capture it every step of the way, from the exotic Double Adventure Series in Kenya to the time-traveling, Wild West environment of the San Juan Bautista Double Festival. Double Racing® takes traditional road race distances (e.g., a 15K) and splits them into two stages (e.g., 10K and 5K), with finish place determined by the combined times of both races. Between stages comes the "halftime," a recovery period during which racers ride stationary bikes, stretch, jog, perform yoga or resistance exercises, refuel, rehydrate, or simply lie down with their feet up against a wall, anything to ready their legs for the next stage.

Double Runner will offer features on Double Races and profiles of race participants. But it will also delve deeper into the world of the Double Racing® runner, offering the kind of innovative training, nutrition, and lifestyle advice that defines the double runner's approach to his or her sport. Some distinctive sections of the magazine include:

With Double Runner, readers will become immersed in a sport as exhilarating as it is challenging.

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